The Dark Secret Behind Medikal's Fame And Wealth Revealed.

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Medikal is one of the most richest and famous musicians in the whole of Ghana.He makes his money from his music and concerts.But that don't just end there medikal is a member of one of the notorious gang called "AMG" which is known to be ARAB MONEY GANG.

This gang group is headed by the one and only "CHRIS WADDLE",chris waddle made medikal a superstar helping him financially and even physically and maybe emotionally.

But there is one thing nobody knows about this group,how they make their money?.Even after waddle created a music record label AMG music, fans still don't understand who he makes millions of ghana cedis per year and drive around in expensive cars.

This group is reportedly worth around 2.1million USD dollars!,This really don't make any sense because the boss chris waddle don't own any company or nothing just his Music label and nothing else.

Chris waddle and medikal has never been filed for bankruptcy because they have friends at the highest level who will protect them at any cost.

The AMG business is like a secret brotherhood where medikal and other members of the group uses any ways and means to get money.

They include scamming and fraud as claim by Ghanaian rapper STRONGMAN these two rappers were beefing just last year(2019). He revealed it in one of his trucks dissing medikal.

This group was formed by gangsters and nobody will be allowed to leave this group.And it's all because the members can't afford to lose their secrets or tarnished their personalities.

If some or a member tries to leave this group we all believe something bad will happen to that member.

Even if medikal ever makes his mind to resign and leave the group he will be hunted forever as this same group gifted him so much wealth and fame.

Even though medikal enjoys his partenership in the group it is suspected that he is drowning slowly as many famous people keeps criticizing him for his controversial lifestyle, even been this rich medikal still rent cars to shoot music videos it was proven when fans asked him about his Lamborghini In his FATHER music video.

Member from this group always hints us how they make their money as they always say their favourite quote"WO NYINI YE NA WONYA DEN" Which meaning leaving longer on this really don't matters it's all about materialism and the enjoyment which comes with it.

Other famous members like AMG armani always flaunts with big cars like range rover and really don't care about how it will all end.

They all make money mysteriously and the government don't even investigate them.

Is it the governments fault such things are going on in Ghana comment and let's now what you know and your ideas.

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