Lady cries and calls out her boyfriend online after finding out that he lied to her about his family


A female Facebook User has today taken to Facebook to call out her boyfriend for ever lying to her about his family setting after she had found out the hidden truth about the man's family.

No one can fully understand why some men would in the course of trying to impress and entice a lady they have in mind to woo UNNECESSARILY, thereby presenting themselves higher and bigger than who they really are.

Unknown to some of these men who hype themselves and put up deceptive acts before the lady they admire to have as their own, some ladies do not even care about the position and family background of a man. Once they truly have interest in the man, they are ready to accept the man for who he is, and not for what they want them to be.

In all sincerity, no matter how much people try to hide the truth, somewhere, somehow, it will always come out when they lest expected.

In the revelation made by Purity Emmanuel, her boyfriend told her that he has sisters as siblings In order to accept them as her own sisters, she decided to be giving Jewelries to them(sisters) through his boyfriend. Pathetically, contrary to what Chike, her boyfriend about his family, there isn't a single sister as siblings because all his siblings are all boys.

"Chike pls kindly return all jewelries I have been giving to u to give to ur sisters, cos I just found out that u all are boys in ur family" - Purity Emmanuel

Someone once said, "this life is not balance" that is because, sometimes, good people who have genuine hearts to love and support their lovers are not always fortunate to meet their kind. More often than not, they meet those who are their opposite.

The post which is somehow humourous and devastating in nature didn't go unseen by the members of the group where she dropped the post.

Check the screenshots below for the evidence of their comments:

Assuming you are the lady, after finding out such a thing about your man in a relationship, what will be your next step of action?