"Many people who cheat are not smart" -Blessing Ceo


Few hours ago,Nigerian controversial relationship and mental therapist,Blessing Okoro,posted a video on her official instagram handle in view to educate her fans on the consequences of cheating in a relationship.No doubt,many people are guilty of cheating in a relationship:and this unfaithful act has destroyed many relationships and happy homes.

According to Blessingceo,cheating is a very popular disease that has eaten up a lot of relationships and marriages.She further defined cheating as when one partner is trying out smart the other or play smart--stating that a lot of people actually think that when they do not cheat ,they are doing their spouse a favour but it's a lie.

Blessing further said,"First of all,you don't understand the consequences of cheating,that is why you cheat.That is why it is as if someone is begging you and praying against you not to cheat but no.When you cheat it means you are not disciplined;it means you are confuse and you do not know what you want.Many people who cheat are not smart;a lot of people who cheat are foolish because they want this and that at the same time."

Click link below to watch video.


No doubt,cheating has destroyed a lot of marriages.It is advisable for one to remain single iif he or she is not ready to stay committed and loyal to one partner.A lot of things are involved in cheating:and that includes trust betrayals.

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