Ahafo Ano North Launches Thirty (30) Days to Census Night by Hon. Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi


As we are aware, Ghana is preparing towards the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) with the Census Night scheduled for Sunday 27th June. As part of the preparatory activities, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is implementing publicity, education and advocacy campaign in the lead up to the census to sensitise the public on the census and elicit their support for the exercise. The District level Launched was held on 28 May 2021 at Ahafo Ano North Municipal

This day marks exactly 30 days to the Census Night and the start of intense publicity campaign to raise awareness of the census. His Excellency, the President launched the 30 days countdown at the national level of which the countdown was also launched in the district level by the Municipal Chief Executive of Ahafo Ano North, Hon. Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi 

The program took place at the Municipal Assembly Conference Hall.

The objective of the is to engage more stakeholders in the Municipality for enhancement of publicity.

The invited stakeholders includes, 

The traditional council, Tepa market queen 

Assembly Members, District Data Quality Monitoring Team, District Census Implementation Committee, QPRTU, Director of Health, Director of Education representative, Political representatives, Religious leaders, NGOs, Male youth group, Female Youth group, and more invitees.

Hon. Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi indicated that " This year’s Census is unique and different from all censuses that Ghana has ever undertaken in several aspects of the exercise and even by the reports that will emanate from this national exercise; 

It will be the first fully digital Census to be conducted in Ghana. Use of tablets and internet to capture and transfer the information respectively. This will guarantee delivery of high quality and faster results to support the decision-making process;

Use of rich geospatial information, including capturing the Geographic Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of all structures. It will improve resource targeting to areas that need them the most; 

Use of online dashboards and comprehensive data quality assurance procedures, including the use of real-time enumeration and data quality monitoring to ensure that every structure and person is counted, which will guarantee complete and accurate data to ensure that we Leave No One Behind in sharing national resources;

Information will be collected in several new and important areas such as housing and living conditions, water and sanitation, and difficulty in performing activities of daily living, information that will further support the tracking of key national and global development goals;

Halve the period between end of data collection and release of results; and

It will be the first time we shall receive census information tabulated by our Constituencies to improve progress tracking within this important governance structure"

Hon. Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi, further indicated that, the friends of social media should take advantage to publicise the activities of census to enhance the complete coverage withe the Municipality.

I would also like to make a special plea to the media, including the social media users. This is not the time to create controversy and confusion around this important national development activity. Note that; Census data will save lives and livelihoods. With that in mind, I want to encourage you to do the right thing and support publicity, education and advocacy activities by conveying only reliable information and facilitate constructive discussions on issues around the Census".

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