Pictures. See how scientists are trying to create human beings


For many years' scientist have created many wonderful things that has changed the way we live in the world. Through their inventions, scientists have been able to create things such as car, light bulb, microwave, air plans, Internet, medicines, and many other wonderful things has improved our living in this world.

But for some time now, scientists have set their eyes to create the ultimate creation of all, and that is life itself. First, we all know that only God can create life, and that life is reproduced through birth. However, scientists for years now have tried to create life on earth, and they have started to do that with a machine called 3D printing machine. This machine is not like the ordinary printing machine that you see around but rather, a machine that can print a solid object from all round and from all angle.

For years now, scientist have predicted that 3D printing can be used to create human body parts such as heart, kidney, bones and other parts that forms the human body, and true to their word they seem to getting closer to that goal. 

Though scientists have not been able to print a fully working human organ yet, some have been able to print some tissues, such as skin and bone, which are already being tested in humans, while many others are early in development. And they have even started to print ears for Children who have ear problems. According to some scientist, though the goal of creating a fully working human body and organic system is far away, they remain optimistic with their research and findings and that it will be soon before they start creating.

What do you think, do you think they can do it and how long do you think they will achieve it?


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