Five Mistakes You Should Avoid, If You Don't Want Your Girlfriend To Hate You


1. When You act like you know more and Spaying her Moves.

If You don't know more about life than your girlfriend does and she knows it, stop acting like you do when you don't ,because some girls are very smart they only don't show up,and you know what that means ,praising yourself.

2.Allow Her To have Her Privacy and Stay Happy.

Some men or Boyfriends intend to act mad on their girlfriends in terms of people or friends whom they associate with or communicate with to an extend where by some of them pick their phones and start reading messages to see if they are cheating on them,you don't have to do that ,because you will be depriving her privacy,and if you are that type ,the girl will start hating you gradually.

Many guys also get upset or angry when their girlfriends go off with their own friends and have a whole bunch of fun,I know those feelings show how much you need to be wearing a bib and sitting in a high chair around her ,but remember before you Proposed to your girlfriend,She had a free happy, you don't need to be there for every event with her,Allow her to have fun with her friends if she asked you.  

3.Always be careful with your words,Respect Her Views And Opinions.

Some guys express an opinion which contradicts an opinion already ventured by their girlfriends when you do that ,your girl will start suspecting maybe you are a player or you could be cheating on her,this will make her stop believing your words and lose trust in you because every time you change things about yourself.

Always respect her opinion or views ,don't try to force her on what you believe in even if you are right ,try to find a good way telling why her opinion is not good,give advantages and disadvantages in both views or opinion in order to make her understand.

4. Always depend in yourself and don't always be around her.

Your girlfriend wants a man who knows who he is, not a man who is dependent upon her to make him into the man they both want him to be,always believe in yourself stop asking favors every time from her, don't always be around or near her until she misses you ,because the more you be at her place every time the more you are boring her and soon she will hate you.

5.Be Understanding and Accept who she is 

always understand her likes and hates, don't try to compare her with someone who was better maybe your ex girlfriend, don't force her to be what you like but make her believe and understands there is differences and you accept her as she is .


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