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Roman Reigns was brought forth into the world on the 25th of May 1985. He's currently 35 years old.

It is amazing to be aware that Reigns did not begin his profession as a wrestler but rather as a soccer player.

He began his football profession with Minnesota Vikings of the National soccer League years ago in 2007.

He then traveled across the country to join Canadian soccer League’s Edmonton Eskimos in 2008. He was dropped at the final moment of the season and with that Reigns football profession came to an end.

Roman Reigns then chased his talent in wrestling and was hired by the WWE in 2010.

He start his official debut in 2012 as a member of the group, The Shield, together with Dean Ambrose and of course Seth Rollins.

However, after three of them separated in 2014, Roman Reigns began wrestling as a one man wrestler.

And presently, he has won the WWE World Heavyweight Champion three times and he has additionally won the WWE United States Champion once.

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