2 Reasons Why Leopard Attacked And Killed A Lion Cub

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Mother lions neglecting their cubs can cause them to become the prime target of other carnivorous animals.

Daily mail reported that a 160 pound leopard snatched a three weeks old cub and climbed into a tree to kill and eat it in Tanzania's Ruaha National Park, East Africa.

Canadian lawyer Scott Hyman, 54, managed to witnesses and photograph the incident. He said the mother was moving the cubs deeper into the bush and left them there to go hunting before the leopard pounced on one of them.

Reasons why the leopard went for a lion cub

1. Leopards are considered the most successful hunter to a lion and this makes them a threat to the meat availability for the lions, so lions kill leopards to lower or level the competition. The leopards retaliate by using their stealthy skills to kill lion cubs because they have no chance against a full-grown lion.

2. Leopards are opportunist and had a chance to have a snack and took it

Why did the mother lion lead them that deep into the bush?

When in gestation female lions move far away from the pride to avoid her newborns from being killed by the older Cubs or other female. 

This tactic mostly ends up killing all the cubs before returning to the pride

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