Video: Terrifying Moments As Man Brutally Beats Wife, Picks Up Their Baby And Throws It On A Wall

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A terrifying video has left many reacting as a man is recorded practising domestic violence in the house.

Nancy shared the video on Facebook. According to the video, a man is recorded brutally beating his wife. Despite her wailing and grieving in pain, the man continues with his violent act. He then picks up their baby, wife tries to take it away from him but he overpowers her. He throws it on the wall.

Screenshot of Nancy's post on Facebook

Screenshots of the video

Netizens have reacted to this video claiming that the man is so inhuman. Despite having been wronged by the wife, he could have used peaceful methods of resolving the conflict and avoid hurting the baby.

Screenshots of comments

Gender Based Violence is on the rise in our recent society. Sadly, the main victims are young Ladies and children. We need to stand firm and stop this.



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