Uproar As Senate Speaker Mentions His County On The List Of Shame

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Bungoma county has been mentioned among counties that misused COVID 19 funds but the extent of misuse had not been made public till Senate Speaker Kenneth Makelo Lusaka talked about it.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati, he is among the Governors whose counties have been put on spot on questionable COVID fund expenditure, source files.

Speaking on a morning radio show, Lusaka told listeners that his office has already summoned County heads whose expenditure of COVID funds have considered questionable by the auditor general.

“It is shocking that Bungoma has been listed as number two in terms of misusing COVID funds, the Governor and the concerned heads of department are expected to appear before the senate soon,” he said.

Lusaka has also called upon MCAs in the 47 counties to tighten their oversight role so that the funds allocated towards Devolution benefit the citizens in their counties.

Lusaka has however remained silent on the seat he will be vying for in 2022 citing that he has been misquoted severally by his supporters whenever he comments on politics.

Speaker of the senate Kenneth Makelo Lusaka, he has asked Governors to enhance accountability of county funds or face repercussions of misappropriation, source files.

Key allies to him say he will be going for the gubernatorial race. Lusaka’s sentiments about use of funds in counties come at a time when revenue towards counties has already been approved by the senate.

A total of KSH 53B has been appropriated towards counties and Lusaka has advised Governors to use it prudently.

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