Degree Saga; Top ODM leader exposed on Grounds that He doesn't have a Genuine Degree certificate

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The instances of huge name legislators having counterfeit scholastics as the political decision dates approach are expanding every day of the week. After Malala won his case now it is Johson Sakaja with his degree tale.

Today another politician may fall into this blend this is after the Two enlisted Kenyan voters who recently revealed that MP Simba Arati doesn't have a degree and ought not to be permitted to contest the August ninth genral elections.

The team today told the IEBC debate goal council that Simba Arati is not an alum of the jaramogi Oginga Odinga college of science and technology.

They further case that Simba Arati was an understudy at the Technical University of Kenya. During that time of his studies, the institution had not been elevated to a university yet rather it was known as Kenya Polytechnic. Also, Arati didn't complete his examinations as he was ousted for a driving strike in that institution.

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