If You Want To Live Love, Endeavor To Stop These 4 Things


Living a healthy life is not by saying it alone but to abstain from some things that can shorten ones life without knowing or having proper knowledge about. Everyone wants to live long in good health, because "health is wealth".

When aging, there are some certain things you stay far from and stop the intake. I will be explaining some things you are to stop doing and eating because it can destroy your system and influence diseases and sickness.

The following are the 4 things you should stop eating and doing when aging;

4. Stressing

At 50s and above your body needs enough rest, so as to avoid breaking down by stressing. It can leads to stroke.

3. Eating Of Meat

Not just meat but "Red Meat", According to specialist it can lead to cancer and it contains fats.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most risk, influence by youth, nowadays so many people takes alcohol as morning tea, which it has turns habit and when aging it drains their body makes them look older than their age.

1. Smoking

Smoking of cigarette, tobacco and all kinds shorten ones life span because its lead to cancer and turn the blood black. 

Endeavour, To abstain from all this to have a lengthy life.

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