"His Ordeal was really painful" - Kojo Dickson sentimentally awakens the sorrows of Ghanaians


It appears that almost every second or minute, Ghana records a crime case. 

Apart from those that are being reported by journalists and other concerned citizens, there are hidden ones that may even take greater percentage of the whole incidents. 

"It is gradually becoming unbecoming," is the statement being echoed by many people in Ghana. Inarguably, no where seems to be safer. It has become a Herculean scenario for people to go about their normal daily activities, as planned or scheduled. 

From the East to the West and from the North to the South, operational activities of armed robbers, murderers, ritualists and threatening agents have become very intense, gripping fears in a lot of people.

Another heinous criminal incident has been confirmed by Angel TV on Sunday July 4, 2021.

Reliable reports show that a man unknown by community residents has been beheaded in a hot afternoon at Feyiase in the Bosomtwe Municipality of the Ghana's Ashanti Region.

The crime was sited in a bushy area; a place described as New Site by residents. The said area also has a lot of uncompleted houses.

An eyewitness narrated that she heard someone screaming around her vicinity, crying out loud that "he is killing oo, someone should come to my rescue."

Though she heard the sound from afar, she could not hear where exactly the sound was coming from. 

The report further revealed that the eyewitness screamed for help, and gathered some people to rush to the scene. Unfortunately, when they got there, the victim was lying lifeless and headless in the bush.

Police Personnel were then contacted to witness the scene. When they arrived, they together with some community's residents, searched through the bush for a while before they found the "cut off" head of the deceased.


As it stands now, the perpetrator of such heinous crime is no where to be found. The police is however taking the necessary actions to grab him and sanction him in a accordance to the law.

Meanwhile, Kojo Dickson, an Angel TV News Anchor who was breaking that news expressed his worry over the sad incident. 

"In fact, the ordeal the man passed through was really painful," he inwardly cried. 

His demeanor and composure on TV depicted that of an extreme sadness and sorrow. 

He could not understand why such a handsome man was murdered by his fellow human being in a hot Sunday afternoon. 

In a minute, a word that repeatedly came out out from him was, "Oh oh oh oh....."

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