Man wins the heart of stranger for putting up beautiful show in a public transport.

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   There have been many instances where we have seen people put up some shows in public just for the likes.

   But this man here got more than just the likes. He also won the heart of a beautiful black lady.

    So this man sitting next to a lady in a train out of nowhere started setting up a table, he then laid it with a white fabric, pull out two plates from his bag and placed them on the table. One in front of him and the other infront of the lady.

 In the beginning the lady looked shocked and uncomfortable but as time passed and people in the train started showing some sense of humor the lady gradually took things cool

So the man then pull out two drinks, one for himself and another for the lady and later fill the plates with food.

 He started eating and surprisingly the lady joined her by grabbing the drink on the could see from her face that she had fallen for the show already

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