#EtvScandal| Mukuna becomes a serious nightmare for Vukile and Nomvula, see details

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Mukuna is a type of person that hates betrayal and the only solution to his problem is to kill those who don't agree with him in business or stand in his way, and the matter is starting to tense at the house of Kubhekas because he has been making serious threats that can out this family on danger.

This time he has kidnapped Nomvula and he has made it clear that he is going to kill her so that he can teach the whole family a huge lesson, that they will forget in the whole house after drugging him and stealing the laptop that was on his bed on the hotel room.

But someone needs to safe Nomvula because everyone cannot be happy about what the guy is about to do to him, and Zenzele seems like the guy that can help his mother from the hands of Mukuna.

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