BECE 2020 Integrated Science trials


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At long last the government and the ministry of education have opened schools for all the JHS three candidates and examination too will soon start as soon as the SHS candidates complete.

Are you a candidate who is afraid of science exams? Do you get worried whenever you write science exams? Are you the type of person or student who always fail science exams because you always see it to be a difficult subject? If yes then today I will help to overcome all these challenges and also enable you to pass your integrated science exams very easily.

First of all get yourself prepared to avoid any fear in the exams ahead of you by solving previous years questions.Also make sure you have been able to cover much of the topics that you have been taught in class . Solve more questions too so that you will be more familiar with a lot of questions.Never be afraid of any invigilator because they are just there to guide you.

Below are compiled questions that can assist you to pass your integrated science exams well.

1a.What is rusting?

b.State two effects of rusting.

c.Briefly describe an experiment you will perform to show the conditions for iron to rust

2.Briefly describe the following types of soil erosion.

i. Splash erosion

ii. Rill erosion

iii. Sheet erosion

iv. Gully.

bi. State five effects of soil erosion on farming

ii. State five methods of checking soil erosion

3.a. What is a fleshy fruit.

d. Mention three examples of fleshy fruit.

c. Distinguish between a drupe and a berry.

4.a. Describe briefly how air gets into the lungs.

b. Give four differences between respiration and photosynthesis.

5.a. State three features common to all respiratory surfaces.

b. Mention three activities that are harmful to the respiratory system of humans .

c. State four effects of smoking on the respiratory system.