Who is the king of dance moves between Naira Marley and Olamide?


Naira Marley

Naira Marley is a singer and rapper and also the C E O of Marlians record.

Most of his songs are hit songs and one can easily vibe to the song with amazing dance step.

Naira Marley first came through with a dance step in his single "Soapy" and later he pull the trigger by unleashing a creative dance moves in his song "Tesumole", that dance moves was indeed fun to practice.



You can't talk about dance moves without talking about the famous indigenous rapper and singer 'Olamide' , He is popularly known as the king of the street t because he is always consistent in feeding the street with hit songs and also with amazing dance moves.

 First of all, 'Shakiti Bobo' was a song and also a dance step originated by Olamide, that particular song won an Headies award as "best street pop" that year.


Olamide might not be the originator of "dab" but he was the one who promoted it after teaming up with DJ enimoney to drop a song title "Oya dap". Till date many might still thing think he is the originator, he might not but he deserve the credit.

The recent dance step dance that Olamide unleased which took Nigeria song to another level was "Shaku Shaku"

 The dance step came to existence in the song "Science student". Science student is still a hit song to remember till date.

Now who is should be the the king of dance moves in Nigeria music industry?

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