Raila's Reunion With His Once Prison Guard Sparks Mixed Reactions


Raila Odinga's tour in the coastal county of Taita Taveta led him to meeting Mzee John Mwavuda, a former prison guard who happened to guard him in Manyani Maximum prison during his detention.

On his facebook post, Raila praises Mzee John, saying he showed him kindness by going to an extent of sneaking him toilet papers where he wrote letters to his loved ones. And since Mzee was also the prison's official courier, Raila said he would write official letters that triggered Mzee's transfer to Nairobi.

He goes ahead to say Mzee John is a selfless man who risked his own life to help him, and that he's indebted to him and that he'll support him in a project so dear to him. He also asks Kenyans to pray for mzee as he has lost most of his close family members.

Kenyans reactions to Raila's post.

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