Putting our ancestors first in everything we do

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Ours is a calling to liberate the spirit and cleanse your soul so that your body can heal and your mind can breathe. As is our umbrella name,We put our ancestors first in everything we do.

Through them they give us the ability to see the power of the creator and look into the future.Its Pure Magic, flesh communicating with spirit. A calling that is there to make your stay on earth a little bearable. 

In the midst of the trouble seas there is no way you can ever be alone. All day everyday we ought to give thanks to the gift of life.Get rid of those suicidal thoughts you know your chest is not strong enough to carry a trillion tons of soil yet. You are not yet ready to be ancestors. Cleanse yourself so that you won't be ancestors that would still need cleansing. 

For every time you think you have problems,give thanks you are able to read this post,at least you have a cheap phone. There is a household out there with a disabled child led by a 12 year old who is a father and a mother to her siblings.

There are very old women who are deserted and can't afford a single slice of bread. 

The fact that you woke up from under a roof is a blessing enough. I willingly share my life story. I have been there. I have been through it. I have spent many winter nights sleeping in the forest and mountains somewhere during my darkest hour.

until my ancestors reeled me in and gave me comfort. Today I'm having the best days of my life. Because it's from God and my ancestors, so it shall be forever and ever Amen.

Prisoners are even more liberated than most because they can do courses with no distractions of the world and get released with qualifications.


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