Photos Of Nigerian Man's Wedding With His American Darling


A Nigerian man is feeling like he is on top of the moon after he 'effectively' wedded his white American darling by the name Dinaro Delgado.

The young Nigerian fellow shared the excellent photographs of their wedding and expressing gratitude toward God for making it dream come true for him and his companion to have a fruitful wedding. Agu additionally asked that others may find their one genuine love.

Expressing gratitude toward God for a fruitful wedding, he wrote, It is not only a melody yet a reality, I ask God to give each and everybody of you your own significant other, love, and joy.

Then, Ozoemena Chukwu, also known as Ozo has filled his various fans with his feeling of style, photographs of which he shared on social media.

The Nigerian man wore a lilac-shaded jacket which uncovered an enormous segment of his chest and wore a dark cap alongside a chain accomplice to supplement his looks. The photograph has produced such a lot of buzz as fans welcome it with clever responses.