Be careful where your body fat is stored


Where your body stores it's fat makes a big difference in your health .It makes you either have a pear shape (as seen in women) or an apple shape (pot-bellied as seen in men).

If your body weight is primarily concentrated around your hips and buttocks, then you have a "pear shape"and if it is concentrated around your stomach, then you have an "apple shape."

People who are apple_shaped and thus have a large waist are more likely to develop heart disease's,high blood pressure and diabetes.

Abdominal fat is way worse than fat in your thighs or in the buttocks because the extra fat in your abdomen surrounds important organs such as the liver and the pancreas.When you have fat in this area of your body,your liver can't use the insulin produced by your pancreas pretty well,,a condition called insulin resistance.This results to high blood sugar which puts your organs at a higher risk .

The solution to this is loosing weight.If you do,the amount of weight stored in waist and the vital organs will decrease, hence performing their work to the maximum..