Baringo Family Receives an Unlikely Guest Days After Burial


A family in Baringo was welcomed to a huge shock when an unlikely guest, in the form of a giant python, visited them a few days after burying their loved one. In the images shared in a Facebook page known as, it can be seen that the python appears less aggressive as it slithers away from the gravesite into a nearby shed. A man could even be seen standing near the snake and carrying it from the shed where it had sought refuge.

In certain cultures, it is believed that such creatures are reincarnations of the departed person, especially when the dead was an elderly man or woman. In such cases, the snake would be treated as a special guest. This would mean feeding the snake with chicken or any other meal that was considered befitting the guest, giving it a space to rest, and allowing the snake to depart at its own pleasure.

What traditional beliefs does your community have regarding such incidences? Please, share with us in the comments section below, as we get to learn more and appreciate the rich diversity of our populations. 


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