4 Professions or Institutional Personalities who are not Corrupt in Ghana


I believe growing up, a lot of us had aspirations and dreams of becoming either a Pilot, Engineer, Medical Doctor, Scientist, Professional Teacher, Pastor, Footballer, Accountant, Politician, a Security personnel as a Police, Army official, Customs officer among other notable professions. The unplanned, unfair and sinking circumstances along the way marred some dreams and left us no choice than to enroll in unpassionate professions that required survival adjustments. It is sad to have met people who are in professions that they do not love but are in them as their last resort to food. That is not to say that, some did not follow through to their goals of being what they wanted to be. I have equally met old school mates who are following their passions as Architects, Lawyers, Boxers, Educationist, Military officers and so on.

Having observed all jobs related to Science, Arts, Public Policy, Commerce among others, I have been able to identify four key institutional personalities or professions that are not Corrupt. They include;

1.     Ghana Police Service/Police

The Ghana Police Service is the main law enforcement Agency of Ghana and under the control and supervision of the Ministry of Interior. Their primary function is to prevent and detect crime, to apprehend offenders who flout laws and to maintain public order and safety of persons and properties. The Motto of the Ghana Police being “Service and Integrity” is luring enough to make each growing person who believes in principles of fairness want to be a Police officer.

It is worthy of note that, one core mandate of this profession is to undertake criminal investigations and background checks of its citizens and as such, should not be counted as a Corrupt entity.

2.     Public Administration/Politician     

This is one of the finest and distinct professions in Ghana as it involves leading and managing people. What makes it unarguably one of the best professions is due to the fact that, they are subjected to probity and accountable Governance to the people since they are holders of an elected office. Therefore, any young person should see this institutional occupancy as an honest role since in the performance of its duties, it ensures that public administration is conducted impartially and neutrally. Also, part of its role is to engage in the guidance and supervision of bureaucrats and thus, holds the power to make or take a decision in the interest of an entire country. Furtherance to this is the fact that, it is a voluntary profession that requires intellectual human capital in its committed quest of serving its people. Considering it as a neutral profession that proposes, supports and create laws or policies, I can conclude that it is as a not-for profit profession whose personalities have no interest in amassing wealth at the detriment of the people that elected them. I would be intrigued by the actions of a Politician who flouts his own supported and proposed laws let alone be corrupt.

3.     Customs Excise and Preventive Officers/Customs Officer

This institutional personality or profession is highly regarded and a dutiful body since its core mandate is to promote the protection of revenue through prevention of smuggling of goods across Ghana’s borders aside its collection of import and export duty tax, petroleum tax and import excises. This implies that, a person who aspires to be in this profession should be duly trained and have no criminal record. A possession of honesty should be his armor because he has to prevent illegal or unauthorized goods from being brought into the country. If you are desiring to be a Customs officer, note that, you are in a critical position of exhibiting due diligence and also have the power to arrest anyone who has committed, or whom the officer has reasonable grounds of what the suspect has committed, any offence under the Customs and Excise Acts. Therefore, I would be the last person to think this profession has the potency of being corrupted considering its weight of prevention and protection. Just imagine armory being smuggled unduly into the Country? We would be at a high risk as a Country and to this fact of their compliance to the oath they swore, I see it as one honest and sincere profession worth aspiring for.

4.     Pastor/Minister of God

Nothing should deter you from being a servant of God for there is nothing satisfying than beholding a truth as a way of life. Considering the purity and belief in a supreme being called God, I would be highly disappointed if this path is corrupt. Someone will ask, who is a pastor? He is a leader of a Christian congregation who offer advice and counsel to people from the community or congregation. They are similarly entrusted with a mandate to act like shepherds by caring for the flock and also offering the flock food of the word of God through teachings, and corrections, that would lead them to Christ and a joyful Salvation.  

What interest me most about this institutional personality is the fact that, a pastor is like a father or a physician who has been entrusted with the business to check, restore, and maintain the spiritual health of those who commit themselves to his care. In effect, he is like a soul doctor working on the salvation of the Community or Congregation. He has a huge task bestowed on him as failure on his part to lead the Congregation to their Salvation could be chaotic. For it is said that, Judgement shall start in the Church. Therefore, a Pastor or a Minister of God has no excuse to be corrupt as he is aware of the fact that, “it is appointed unto him once to die and after that the judgement”.

 Unfortunately, fate made some of us fall in some professions that we have wronged due to negligence on our parts. This has adversely gone a long way to affect the Institutions we managed and has as well harmed our own mental state. It would also be sad if those who chose a desirous passion and obtained it, with regards their profession could succumb to Corruption. I doubt if this country drainer is in other professions or institutional personalities I failed to write about like the DVLA, Health Sector, Agric Sector and even our private sectors.

The underlying point is, I doff my hat to the aforementioned 4 Institutional personalities as the most potent corrupt free bodies that I would entreat and advice the young to aspire and uphold in fairness, honesty, integrity, neutrality, impartiality and above all, in a Patriot service.

By: Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

Do you share in my opinion regarding the aforementioned as non-corrupt entities or professions? Considering this, I would be highly surprised if you hold a counter opinion to the above professions having observed their core values and mission of establishment. 

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