Vote for ANC and Get a Cap and a Shirt While They Get Thousands of Rands Per Month - OPINION

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The leaders of South Africa forgot where they came from. They forgot the people who helped them get into those positions they occuppy, they forgot the voters, the poor, the homeless, the uneducated, the destitute

How is it possible for a grandparent to live off R1800 a month, and have to support children and grandchildren? Children receive child support, what little money they get is not even enough for a week's food for one person, let alone a household

Apparently, care homes are closing, Why? Why are these care homes closing? Where is the funding to take care of the most vulnerable? Yet Parliamentarians get free housing, do you get free housing? Parliamentarians get free lunch, do you get free lunch? They get hundreds of thousands of rands a year. Do you get that money? Next time when you look at you situation, and that of your family, think of how public servants live and compare it to yoursThose who forget where they come from, are those who don't know where they going. And Africa is going nowhere. Keep voting for the cANCer and you'll receive your new t shirt, cap and a kfc street wise 2, which must last you until the next election year, until then,SUFFER!! The anc feels feathers for you, vote them out

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