Transport fares in various part of the country increased(Reason)


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The transportation cost of various transports agencies in the country has increased. Some of the fares which were ¢1 has been increased to ¢1.5 and even more. Now what has really caused the increase in the fares. Well, the answer is always three. The first one has to with inflation. This is the frequent increase in the prices of goods and services. This makes the transport agencies to also increase the prices of their fares in order to meet the standard of living.

Also, poor road network also leads to the increase in transport fares. Bad roads in the country reduces the time saved by drivers. It makes them keep long on the road. Instead of them to use few minutes to reach their destination, they use more minutes. This affects their business and this cause increase in transportation. A journey which will take 10 minutes to get there will take us 30 minutes due to the bad nature of the roads.

And finally when the government increases the cost of fuel. This is the major cause of increase in transportation fares in Ghana.

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