Professor Makau Mutua Weighs in on The Latest Move by Rift Valley Leaders


The race to 2022 general elections has started very early. All politicians are working tooth and nail to make sure they take various political positions. One of those leaders is deputy president William Ruto. The DP is working hard to make sure that come 2022, he ascends into the statehouse.

Because of that, he has been hosting different leaders from different communities. One of those communities are GEMA and Kalenjin. Leaders from those communities have had a meeting with the DP presenting their economic demands.

Professor Makau Mutua has criticised the two communities. According to him, GEMA leaders will give DP Ruto a list of their economic demand and the Kalenjin leaders also vow to do the same. He acknowledged that that is a great start for hustler national politics. However, he sarcastically asked lawyer Ahmednasir to lead the Somali to the DP to beg for their own breadcrumbs.

According to Mutua, leaders are going to meet the deputy president to beg for what they deserve. Economic development is the citizen's rights and not communities asking for them.



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