BREAKING NEWS: Arsonist Mafe Is Back Again In Court For His Bail Application

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The bail application of Zandile Mafe, a suspected Parliament arsonist, will have to be heard again in the Western Cape High Court. Mafe has filed an appeal following his bail application being denied in April. However, the judges hearing the case are split.

Zandile Mafe appears in court.

A third judge has been selected, according to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), and Mafe's bail appeal case will be considered on May 30. He is accused of breaking into houses with the aim to conduct terrorism and arson, as well as stealing and two separate arson and terrorist accusations. "Last month, two High Court justices James Lekhuleni and Daniel Thulare heard lengthy arguments in the bail application appeal and reserved decision," says NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila.

Damage caused by the Parliament fire

Mafe got mental treatment after his detention, which his defense resisted. He was finally released from the Valkenbeg mental institute when the High Court agreed with his legal team.

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