Black People are Our Own Enemies - Bishop Samuel N. Mensah Gives Education on the Mindset of Blacks


Presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Church International, Rt. Rev. Samuel N. Mensah has delivered a very powerful sermon to the black people around the world. If attention is focused on what the man of God said in the sermon, how we perceive the world and our mindset as black people will begin to change for the better.

While delivering a sermon to members of his congregation, the man of God made a bold claim that the white man is not the enemy of the black man, but the enemy is within us. He made it clear that we as black people are our own enemies.

He explained that we all blame the whites for enslaving our people. But have we ever sat down to ask ourselves who sold those slaves to them? It will interest the reader to know that in most cases, black men served as leads to the capture and detention of their fellow black people. Some heartless family elders and traditional leaders even gave out some of their relatives to be enslaved by those slave raiders.

"If we are asking the whites to apologize for enslaving us, our traditional leaders must be the ones to apologize first on behalf of their ancestors who played instrumental roles in enslaving their fellow black people", the man of God noted.

He went further to touch on our negative attitudes towards our environment and water bodies. Rt. Rev. Mensah asserted that if we don't improve how we treat our environment and water bodies, in about 20 years, we will be importing water. That is an indication of how critical the situation is.

The interesting thing is that we all blame the Chinese for destroying our forests and water bodies with 'galamsey' but our black leaders are the same people who give them the go ahead. How can a Chinese come to Ghana to locate gold somewhere at say, Obuasi if they are not led there by our own people? Clearly, we are to blame for the destruction of our environment.

In some instances, our military that must protect the citizens are rather deployed to protect foreigners who are destroying our forests and water bodies. Who then is the enemy if not ourselves?

The man of God further asserted that we live in a continent where leaders do not put in place deliberate and calculated measures to alleviate poverty. All they think about is themselves. In 2011, the Chinese government rolled out a 10-year plan to make at least 20% of their population multimillionaires. After 10 years, the measures put in place have been able to make over 1.8 million Chinese people between the ages of 40 and 50 multimillionaires. That was a deliberate and purported move to raise millionaires in their country.

What do we see in Africa? What we see is authorities trying all they can to collapse the businesses of their fellow black people, especially those that belong to the other side of the political divide. We are indeed our own enemies.

Thr man of God went on to reveal that that Chinese government also did put in place measures to lift up the poorest of the poor from begging to a decent livelihood. He noted that the measure lifted over 100 million Chinese people from poverty. What we see in Africa is deliberate attempt to keep the masses in poverty, so that they can be subdued. The situation is so pathetic.

The bishop went on to talk about how blacks treated some of the leaders that attained independence for them. Consider the mistreatment Kwame Nkrumah, Maurice Yamago and the other African leaders who had the interest of the continent at heart were passed through by their own people.

If Africa will ever forge ahead, we may have to totally change our mindset and begin to love ourselves, because we have been our own enemies for quite too long.

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