The curvy and naturally endowed disabled women you would like to see (photos)


A disabled person can be simply term as a person who has physical, mental disability.

There is no way we would talk about the abled one in our society that we would not talk about the disabled one as well. This is because both the disabled and abled are the human making up a society.

As we talk about abled men who have done something memorable in our society so we will talk about the disabled men who have effect good thing despite the fact they are disabled.

IIn the same vein, as we compliment the women who are abled and naturally endowed by God with curve and beauty so we should compliment the beautiful disabled women as well in our society.

All disabled and abled being should be treated equally. The disabled one really need our care, support and encouraging words to be happy and feel Optimistic despite their disabilities. They should not be abandoned nor deserted because of their disabilities. We should stand by them and give them full support.

Iwi want to test your intelligence and faith with this question. Can you married a disabled man or woman, provided he is rich or not? Drop your answer in the comment box below.

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