Meet Ian Oparanya, Son To Council Of Governors Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya

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Ian Oparanya is son to governor Wickliffe Oparanya. Just like his father he is hardworking and determined to achieve the best that he can in his endeavours. He is one cool gentleman who has no issues with anybody always focused in his passion and dreams in life.

Ian Oparanya recently graduated from Brantford university with a first class degree in economics. He values education very much and focuses hard to ensure he attains the best academic credentials.

Ian however keeps much details about his life private and largely off public limelight. He has ensured nothing much about him that leaks to the public. He is his father's close advisers something that he has earned by merit through academic excellence.

Though a son to a powerful politician in the country, Ian keeps his cool and does not boast of anything. He is not a politician but it's obvious he supports his father's political journey behind the scenes. Ian has kept matters politics off for him but as obvious children of politicians in life most end up into polics and probably for Ian, It's only a matter of time.

It's as well not in the public limelight whether Ian is married or in a relationship. He has ensured personal details about him remain scanty to the public. He however is a respector of all irrespective of their social class and boasts of nothing hence the most humble of all.

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