See Gallant photos of Destiny Etiko posing with a Luxury Bike after a Movie shoot

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Destiny Etiko Etiko is one of the top Nigerian actresses from Enugu state. She is 31years old and she is a lover of Clothes, Instagram photos, Luxury bikes, Expensive cars and other things that usually intrigue Celebrities.

Destiny Etiko is an Award-winning actress that has started in over 100 Nollywood movies. She often plays action roles when she is not potraying the role of a village girl, Runs girl, Campus chick and tomboy in her movies.

Luxury bikes are extremely expensive and difficult to ride so many people do not have access to them. However Destiny Etiko does due to her movie career. Below are photos of her posing gallantly with them.

Below are more gallant photos of Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko on Expenses bikes.

(Destiny Etiko striking a pose with her red Power Bike during a photoshoot session that took place after a movie scene.)

(Movie poster of Destiny Etiko on a black Bike)

(Destiny Etiko looking gallant like a female Superhero in a foreign action movie)

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