Worrying Details Emerge Of How Kenyan Women Are Dying In The Gulf In Search Of Green Pasture


It is not a something new on how young kenyans are flocking the gulf region in search of job opportunities, but an article published by Standard Media has revealed how many kenyans and mostly women have lost their lives in the gulf. Many young women have opted to search for job opportunities in the Gulf region but surprisingly, most of them have returned in coffins. This is evident with many parents seeking government assistance to assist them relocate their missing daughters who went to look for greener pastures in the gulf region but all of a sudden goes silence without their whereabouts.

While many keep calling at home hoping against hope that a good Samaritan will rescue them but unfortunately dies their without any help. What remains is their kin back in Kenya pleading with the government to help them locate the whereabouts of their sons or daughters. However, Saudi Arabia has been mentioned in cases where many kenyans women have returned here in there coffins. United Arab Emirates has been exempted from these cases of death in the gulf.

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