FRECK: I walked 40 minutes on treadmill and she reached 15 days

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Freck is in a routine by exercising and eating all proper meals. She has reached 15 days after starting at the beginning of the month. She is going perfectly fine with all the various meals she has been having the entire past days until the current day. It is not an easy routine because you have to leave behind your favourite foods.


She is taking it very easy on the exercise part. Walking for forty minutes is a good duration to reach, and you don't have to go any further than you normally would. She is slowly gaining momentum and in the next few days she would be able to reach 50 to 60 minutes or more.


The good part about her routine is that you can go with your own momentum and you don't have to chase a score set by someone else. The more you have, 10 minutes extra is a good achievement you should be happy about. Freck is happier, and that is why she has set her own pace for it.


The main aim of the routine is to have a lifestyle with your preferred physical standing, and after reaching your results, you will have an ongoing routine to maintain the physical standing body size. That is what she is looking to get, and as she continues patiently, she will get her results.


1. Milla: Every time I see a skipping rope, I think it's a pretty rest.

2. Mary: Listen, you are inspiring me to eat like that.

3. Smiley: I like your updates. You are going to see results.

4. Beverly: OK, I am joining you on this. While you are getting into shape, you are also healthy.

5. Nomzamo: Can we open a WhatsApp group chat?

6. Thando: I am so invested. I can't wait to see the results.


If you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you will have a healthy lifestyle. But if you have just started, you should not expect results very soon. It took months for others to achieve the desired results with their body shape. When her effort becomes visible, she gets all the good motivation she will needs to enjoy a good lifestyle.

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