What could be the real reason behind Leticia's suicidal decision? Find out.


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A piece of breaking news reaching our news desk reveals a shocking story about a final year student who has allegedly committed suicide.

The 16-year-old Leticia Kyere Pinaman was a student of Miracle Junior High School at Barkoniaba in the Sunyani municipality of the Bono Region.

The sudden incident was reported to have happened on Monday, May 17, 2021 at around 9:30 pm during a Bible study session at the school premises.

According to report, Leticia hanged herself at the school dinning hall for a reason that is yet to be disclosed. While the police are investigating the incident to find out what really happened, we can rightly draw conclusions to explain the reasons behind her suicidal decision.

These supposed reasons are going to be categorized into 4 groups.

# Exhibit A

Not long ago, a similar incident happened in that town concerning the headmaster, Paul Dwamena, of the Queen of Peace Roman Catholic JHS in Techinan in the Bono East Region who allegedly committed suicide just last month.

Arguably, children are so curious. It could be that that incident had an influence on her. As a result, she might have tried to experiment with it. And that led to her untimely death.

# Exhibit B

Undeniably, schoolchildren love to explore. As long as their peers bring that up in every discussion, as a pushover, you might be curious to experience it. The bottom line is peer pressure and influence. This could have led to her suicide.

# Exhibit C

Exhibit C is a combination of several reasons. For instance, one does not just get up to do something without engaging it in their thoughts for sometime. It's obvious that Leticia had nurtured suicidal thoughts for sometime now. Perhaps she was worried for not being intelligent, or maybe her peers ridiculed her because of that, or maybe she was worried about not getting what she wanted from her parents. It could also be that, she got pregnant while in school and felt ashamed of herself, and then decided to take her life.

# Exhibit D

It could also happen that the whole incident was a set up. By this, what mean is that Leticia could have been murdered before being hanged so that people would believe that she killed herself.

This reason seems to have been backed up by claims that her mother was making in a recorded video a few hours after the incident.

According to her mother, autopsy records have revealed that her daughter did not die of hanging. There's no reason to believe that she could have committed suicide. The reasons being that, Leticia's tongue was not twisted outside, she neither pooped or urinated on herself.

This is because, whenever a person hangs themselves, they struggle in the process and this could lead to pooping or urinating.

Again, it was shown that there was no table, chair whatsoever that she stood on to commit the so-called suicide. The mother believes her daughter was murdered.

However, the police are still looking into the matter to ascertain the whole truth or reason that resulted in her demise.

Reminder: Exhibits A-C have not been confirmed. They are just assumptions. However, exhibit C is not officially confirmed. It's the claims of the mother of the deceased.

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