Healing Powers of Coconut Husk Tea That Will Blow Your Mind


The fruit-nut-seed cocos nucifera "coconut", which grows in the tropical and the coastal regions throughout the world is well known for its numerous health benefits when consume its white layer and the liquid. Research has proven that, its mesocarp (husk), which is the next cover after the green outer layer has a potential health benefits that must be tapped by everyone to improve upon our health. The coconut husk is brownish and hairy in nature.

According to Dr. Amponsah Boateng of Miraculous Herbal Center, people must adopt the habit of taking coconut husk tea frequently to improve upon their health since its benefits are numerous.

Procedure to Prepare the Coconut Hust Tea;

- Cut fresh coconut husk into pieces and put them into a bowl after thorough cleaning.

- Pour a sizable amount of Boil water on it and cover for at least 15 minutes for it to cool (The medicinal content would appear in a brownish colour).

- Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits

- Treats throat related diseases such as cough , sore throat and throat cancer.

- Asthma

- Stops bacteria infection

- Treats Urinary track infections

- Treats gonorrhoea

-Treats kidney stones

- Treats all kinds of cancer

Dr. Amponsah entreat everyone to add this miraculous concoction to their daily diet to improve upon their health tremendously.


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