"She's Too Young" Diana Marua Asks Netizens To Suggest Dowry For Daughter Sparking Mixed Reactions.

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Diana has in her latest Instagram post asked netizens to suggest the dowry price for her oldest daughter heaven sparking mixed reactions online netizens coming up with different reactions.

Image: Diana Marua poses with her two children in the post seen on her Instagram feed.

"Sometimes I sit and think about my daughter @heavenbahati and her dowry when she's all grown up and ready to get married. Coz you guys are my online inlaws, tuitishe dowry ya how much? No amount is too big..."

Here is how netizens reacted to the post by the mother of two.

Minah, "she'll be daughter to a hounarable so her dowry half of Dubai."

Shiku, "this needs a dowry committee."

Jose, "what happened to Diana B we need songs."

Mercy, "I can't imagine na all that beauty she'll be traded for Goats."

Nyawira, "ya Heaven there'll have to have a meeting because it's tough."

Diana, "I don't need dowry for my future daughters they need to know they ain't worth the trade."

Reactions are a courtesy of Instagram comment section.

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