More Than 200 Vehicles Plying the Buipe Kumasi Highway Have Been Stranded

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Drivers and passengers complained bitterly about the incident that occurred on Saturday evening, August 28. The incident is about a fully loaded truck that broke down at the Buipe toll booth in Savannah Region with the registration number, 2397 T1 03 leading to road blockage.

The truck broke down at one end of the Buipe bridge and caused a massive traffic. Vehicles from the opposite sides weren't able to cross the bridge on the black volta due to the situation.

As a results, more than 200 vehicles plying the Buipe Kumasi highway have been stranded at the Buipe bridge. All started yesterday around 7pm and the passengers are complaining of not reaching their destination while some of the drivers are also complaining bitterly about the distribution of goods to their customers.

The Savannah police command has dispatched some of the police personnel to protect the affected travellers and also remove the faulty truck from the road for vehicles and commuters to pass.

The picture below indicates the press release by the assistant commissioner of police, Kwesi Ofori.

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