"Big Machine" Mungai Eve Reveals Her Next Plans Of Buying A Range Rover Car

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Amid her prosperity into the entertainment industry, popular Youtuber Eve Mungai seems to be living her best life. Apparently, the content creator who recently bought a Toyota Crown car alongside her fiancé has once again revealed plans to acquire another high end car. Well, Mungai bought her Toyota Crown car four months ago and her love for cars now seems to be intensifying.

Through her Instagram story yesterday, Eve disclosed that she is currently manifesting to buy a Range Rover car whose price is reportedly thrice her current car. Moreover, Mungai revealed how Range Rover has been her dream car over the years.

"Manifesting a big machine... this right here is my love, my dream car. Just that we all have to start somewhere. Huh, so a range rover ain't bad." She stated.

Well, Mungai Eve is arguably one of the youngest celebrities who are making major moves into the entertainment industry, through her YouTube channel, she has been able to attract fortunes and got to live an extremely comfortable life. All the best to Eve in her endeavours.

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