Opinion: These Nollywood Actresses Are Experts In Acting Poor Roles In Movies

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Every nollywood star is known for one specific role. While some of the actors are good in acting good roles, others are experts in the wicked roles. Likewise, they are some actresses that are specialists in acting poor roles in movies. Someone like Ngozi Ezeonu can act both poor and rich roles perfectly, but I prefer her movies that she is poor. I also enjoy the way Chioma Chukwuka plays poor roles in nollywood movies. 

In this article, we would take a look at 11 nollywood actresses that are expert in playing poor roles in movies. They are: 

1. Mercy Johnson: It would be unfair to arrange this list without including Mercy Johnson. Sometimes I wonder if she was actually born poor in reality. This actress can act any role given to her, but I love her more when she acts poor roles. 

2. Nkiru Sylvanus: For you to be an expert in acting poor roles, you must know how to cry and you must look pitiful. Nkiru Sylvanus is one actress that have mastered the act of crying. She can easily earn the love of the fans through her emotions. 

3. Queen Nwokoye: Personally, I can count the number of movies that I have watched her play rich roles. She is always poor in most of her movies. She don't usually cry like Nkiru Sylvanus, but she does play the role very well.

4. Chioma Chukwuka: She is one of the best in acting poor roles in movies. No matter the level of poverty you call her to act, she would act it so well. This is part of the reasons she is loved by so many fans. That is why she has also featured in so many movies. 

5. Chacha Eke

6. Chinwe Owoh

7. Chika Ike

8. Destiny Etiko

9. Hilda Dokubo

10. Ngozi Ezeonu

11. Eve Esin

If you have any other actress in mind, you can drop her name in the comments section. Which of these actresses is your number one in acting poor roles? 

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