Prophet Oduro Schooled After Complaining About Fake Account On Facebook


The Founder and Leader of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has been schooled to verify his Facebook account to avert potential and future fraudulent accounts being created in his name. According to some critics who had reviewed the status of his account, Prophet. Dr. Oduro's account is not validated and as such can hardly differentiate from any other accounts created by fraudsters to compete with his.

The Prophet had reported on his channel about a fake account created in his name by some 'fraudsters' with a username; "Kofi Oduro" and with his image.

This had excited some useful comments that the Prophet could tap into to make his account more secured and trusted to be accessed by anyone. In this era of cyber fraud, and in a more competing social media visibility among public figures, having his account verified is essential.

It is expected that Prophet Oduro will take this up serious to prevent any personality damage that might be caused by an imposter. At the moment he has not responded to any of these suggestions.