"I Grew Up In A Polygamous Family, My Mother Is My Number One Role Model." Lady Justice Martha Koome

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Today marks the third day of the ongoing interview for chief justice. The list of candidates attracted a diverse range of scholars of law, sitting judges and lawyers. Two shortlisted candidates have already had their day that is Juctice Juma Chitembwe and Senior Counsel Patricia Kameri Mbote.

Sitting at today's interviewing panel is a court of appeal Lady Justice Martha Koome. She obtained her LLM from the University of Nairobi and LLM in Public International Law from the University of London. She brings a wealth of local, International experience due to her work with regional and international bodies like Unicef and the UN.

During the ongoing interview, she was made to introduce her self and in it, she gave her background growing up. Lady Justice narrated that she grew up in a large family of 18 children. Her father was a polygamist with two wives. She said that her parents were peasant farmer. Martha went on to say how she learned hard work from her mother since she ensured that she and her other siblings went through school.

On a follow-up question from the chair of the panel, Professor Olive Mugenda asked her to name some of the people who have shaped her into the person she is today. The senior court of appeal judge pointed out that her mother was the first role model. She said that her mother was a prayerful and hardworking woman. Her mother had nine children to provide for from her farm.She kept encouraging Martha and her sisters to value education and end up having better opportunities than her. She also said that her elder sister was inspiration to get since she was the first to graduate as a teacher in their village. She also looks up to Professor Leah T. Marangu the first female professor in East Africa.

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