Always Count On The Lord Whenever You Are Lonely

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Loneliness is a worldwide problem. It is one among the world's top causes of death. It leads to sadness and, in some cases, suicide. Nobody enjoys being alone. Remember that when God created Adam, He noticed how lonely he was, so He made Eve to not only assist him, but also to be his friend.

The sentence above very vividly depicts another instance in which loneliness was on the verge of becoming apparent. Moses, who had been told by God that he would not be allowed to lead the children of Israel into the promised land of Canaan, was preparing them for the journey. He encouraged them to be strong and courageous, for the Lord, as a tremendous God, would always be with them and would cause them to inherit the Promised Land. Moses reiterated that God will not abandon them nor will He leave them alone. God never left the children of Israel alone during their entire journey.

Is loneliness a problem for you? Do you have a sense of loneliness? Do you feel as though the rest of the world has abandoned you? Keep your spirits up; the Lord is with you. God will never abandon you. He will always be there for you since he is constantly with you. Simply pray to the Lord and continue to read His Word. Also, take time to enjoy the fellowship with family and other brethren, as well as the activities that you normally enjoy. Keep in mind that God is always with you and will never abandon you. Continue to be blessed.

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