10 side hustles for students that can generate Ksh. 4000 daily with little or no start up cost

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Are you a student in Kenya? Do you need side hustles to make some extra money? Well, this guide is for you. To find the best side hustles for students in Kenya, it is important to consider what skills you have and how those can be put to use outside of the classroom.

1. Be a freelance writer

There are many freelance writing opportunities for those with English proficiency, but you will often need strong research skills too like knowledge of grammar and spelling. If you study journalism, for example, you will be able to find jobs as a writer online or on the side of your current job.

2. Start a part time salon

Starting your own part-time hair salon could be a great way to make some cash on the side while you are studying. You will need some equipment and space to set up the business. You can read our guide on how to start a salon business in Kenya to find out more.

If you can’t get a business space, you can use your dorm room and work when you don’t have classes or even at night.

3. Do pizza delivery

Doing Pizza delivery is one of the most exciting part-time jobs for students in Kenya.

You’ll need a second-hand bike or motorcycle to do pizza delivery. This side hustle is perfect for students who do not have access to a car. The time required usually means that you can still attend classes on your days off from work.

4. Sell Mitumba clothes

Selling mitumba is one of the most creative ways to make extra money while on Campus. Most students prefer second-hand clothes as opposed to brand new ones since they are cheaper and more suited to their budget.

You can cut rent costs by hawking the clothes yourself to dormitories and off-campus areas where students mostly live.

5. Start a YouTube channel

This side hustle is perfect for students who are creative and have an idea of what they want to share. Since you do not need a lot of capital to start, it’s best if you only produce content that will be able to bring in some income from advertising or affiliate programs on the side while studying.

If you can’t afford a decent camera, you can start with your phone camera then buy a good digital one once you start making something.

You can also try posting video content on other platforms like Vine or Instagram.

6. Become a photographer

Becoming a photographer is both a side hustle and a full-time profession. It’s the best side hustle for students in Kenya who are studying photography or have some photography skills.

Students love doing photoshoots especially on special occasions like birthdays and graduation. You can also book other off-campus occasions like weddings or become the official photographer during a campus event.

7. Work at a Restaurant

For students who have some experience in a restaurant, side hustle might be perfect for you. You’ll need to find work where the hours are flexible and if possible, choose one that is close by so it does not affect your studies too much.

8. Do Laundry on Weekends

If you are a student in Kenya and have some free time on weekends, side jobs like doing laundry cleaning might be perfect for you. You can find customers with dirty clothes who would need to wash them or dry-clean the items that should not go into the washing machine by hand as well as return them back to their owners.

The best place to find this kind of part-time work is from middle-class homes as opposed to fellow students.

9. Become a Boda Boda rider

As a Kenyan student, boda-boda riding can be a great way to make extra money if you are not studying. For this, you can either buy a second-hand motorbike or hire one for some time until you make enough money to buy your own.

The best time to operate as a student boda boda rider is on weekends, at night and days or hours that you are free from class.

10. Become a data scientist

If you are studying computer science or engineering, then there are plenty of side jobs available such as data scientist work which can be done on the side for extra money.

You could also earn side income as an engineer or programmer and there are many data science jobs available to students in Kenya.

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