Meet The Millionaire Who is the Owner of Bountiful Safaris

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Finding a beautiful woman with brains nowadays is rare. It's like going fishing in a quarry. But we have a few women out there who have beaten all the odds to become important people in the society like Esther Njoroge.

Esther Njoroge is the CEO and Founder of Bountiful Safaris. While young, she thought of travel as a reserve of the white people. She even went ahead to pursue social science at the university.

Little did she know that she would get into selling travel and eventually owning one of the biggest tours and travel company in Kenya.

Njoroge worked for Bonfire Adventures for three years before calling it quits over alleged frustration from people she declined to name.

Esther spent her early years in Bogita, Thika town before her family moved to Nyahururu in Nyandarua County. Life wasn’t easy growing up. Esther had to stay with relatives several instances to enable her to attend school.

After launching her firm, the businesswoman said she was dismissed several times by people who looked down upon her because she is a woman.

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