Green mamba caught on camera hiding in the kitchen getting ready to attack (Video)

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When it comes to handling snakes some people will runaway without checking were the monster is hiding. A big green mamba snake was caught hiding behind the microwave, one of the family member heard a loud noise that she never heard before minutes after thr microwave went off.

The minute she checked she saw a head of a snake, without wasting anytime she called forward a snake handler who came to their rescue by removing the snake out of the house without anyone being hurt. " I saw a green snake looking at me with aggression" lady explained.

My heart started beating heavily I didn't know what to do next, lucky the snake never changed its position until the snake handler arrives. My family was in danger it was only a matter of time before it strikes on anyone. What people do not know is that snakes are also visible in winter since they are looking for a warmth place to stay. To keep safe always close your windows and door especially people living in warm areas were dangerous snakes are more active.

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