Read What lsa Pantami Said Hours After Accused of Working With Boko Haram


It will unprofessional and dangerous to level such allegations publicly without proof. Sadly if the international intelligence community knowing these consequences have gone ahead to do so, It's safe to assume they have something emotions.

Hours ago Dr. Isa Pantami was accused of been involved with Nigeria's terrorists also know as Boko haram, however, the news spread like wildfire yesterday, and many people were not happy, and ask the federal government, to investigate this matter as soon as possible.

However, Isa pantami took to his verified Twitter account to share this shocking information that the news was fake.

Read below to see his tweets

He Said your RETRACTION through your independent investigation, has been noted. However, investigative journalism requires the investigation before publishing, not after. 

Further, major publishers will meet my lawyers in court on this defamation of character.

My lectures against the doctrines and all other evil people have been available for over 15 years, including debates that endangered my life against many criminals in Nigeria. If you can't understand Hausa, get an objective Hausa speaker to translate for you objectively.

On the issue of NIN-SIM Verification to fight insecurity, there is no going back. Our priority as GOVERNMENT based on the provision of our constitution 1999 (as amended) Section 14(2)b is SECURITY, not just economy. For sure, no going back at all. Let's the sponsors continue.

FYI all, by the Almighty, no amount of intimation will stop @IsaPantami from implementing d good policies of President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR on security.

FINALLY: If you are yet to verify your SIM using NIN, do it very soon, b4 our next action. Criminals are feeling the heat

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