"Stuart Baxter confuses me" Kaizer Chiefs legend

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After Kaizer Chiefs played one more dull game that needed imagination, with in excess of five protectors in the firing line up, they were fortunate to leave with a point, they needed inventiveness and it was basically impossible that they planned to score, consequently their objective got through an own objective, those are thile expressions of Junior Khanye who scrutinized playing so many safeguard when a group is playing at home. 

Talking on IDiskiTV, Khanye rehashed what he generally said when he addressed Stuart Baxter's style of play when he has such countless quality players however he field players in off-base positions, aying a left footed player on the right while there are normal ayers on the seat who can play those positions. 

"Why play with such countless protectors when playing at home? Continually attempting to play transititional football however there is no speed forthright, you confounded me, you need the whole group behind the ball, Dolly Is playing all the more a half wing on the right," he said. 

Khanye likewise added that they needed to play long balls however Khama Billiat who consistently run for those balls was not accessible today, subsequently their arrangement was not working, he further said that they might have won their past two games, yet there was no inventiveness at all regardless of those two awful successes. 

"There is no imagination at all at Chiefs, they have so many competitors, however they scarcely make, assuming that you check every one of the games they played and the objectives they scored, against Pirates, there was no inventiveness by any means, even today, without Khama Billiat, there was nobody to run behind the protection. Kaizer Chiefs are in the comparative circumstance as Bafana, they dominate games without structure, individuals can express what they need, however they wont fool me," he said. 

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