Chebukati Announces What'll Happen Now That Raila is Unhappy With Him

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has been told that there is nothing his threats to stop the approaching election over alleged one sidedness by the IEBC will achieve.

Raila on Wednesday bashed the commission, claiming that it has been successfully included in an ongoing plot to again rig him out come August.

He claimed that the Wafula Chebukati-led team is party to the ongoing plot to print excess ballot papers and stuff them in boxes in 10,000 polling centers.

"They have sent someone to go and print extra papers and sneak them for rigging purposes. They plan to target 10,000 polling stations and use these extra printed ballot papers to top their votes. That is why Chebukati is reluctant to ensure we have a manual register alongside electronic one," the leader, a fifth time presidential hopeful, said in Kiambu.

But Chebukati has said that there is no way Raila can stop the poll, on grounds that all the commission's ongoing preparations and activities are being carried out according to the law.

He has said that he is not bothered by Raila being unhappy with him and the poll agency, and IEBC will continue carrying out its roles as usual.

“You may be unhappy with us but as long as we’re following the law, we are not worried. We do our work without fear or favour, in accordance with the law,” Chebukati said on Thursday, according to The Standard.

He also hinted at not responding to Raila's concerns henceforth, stating that the commission will not be responding to individuals.

Raila is not new to making rigging claims, and has repeatedly made such allegations in the past, before blaming his defeats on rigging and vote theft.

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