A TBT Photo Of 'Xenon Dreamline Luxury Bus' Elicit Mixed Reactions Among Kenyans


Kenyans have reacted to a TBT Photo of a xenon dreamline luxury bus. Kenyans took to their social media to appreciate the xenon dreamline bus for offering excellent and quality services to Kenyans.

Below are reactions of the netizens :

Joseph Mwangi

Xenon dreamline luxury bus was the best bus in the country especially when traveling in long distances.

Maxwell Shikokoti

Yes I agree that dreamline xenon dreamline luxury was the best than others.

Mark Sheriff

Xenon dreamline luxury bus TBT is very impressive and touching especially to the youths and adults.

Waiguru Maui

Xenon dreamline luxury bus offered good and quality services to Kenyans especially the youths.

Maria Waiguru

I totally agree that xenon dreamline luxury bus was the best out of the best in terms of everything.

Waiguru mark

Even xenon dreamline luxury bus used to shine than any other buses.

Martin Munyi

Kindly let me support the idea that xenon dreamline luxury bus was the best than the rest.

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