Photos: Tour inside the newly built Mansion by Fella and Medikal to their 1yr old Island P. Frimpong

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Breathtaking photos of a newly built Mansion for one year old baby, Princess Island Frimpong, daughter of famous Ghanaian hip-hop/rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui pops up.

In a new video which is making rounds on the internet, rapper Medikal and his family were spotted at a newly built glamorous mansion, where a constructor could be seen handling over the mansion's key to one year old Precious Island Frimpong after it was fully furnished.

Mr. Frimpong, also known as Medikal is known to be one of the richest musician in Ghana, although many doubt his source of money is being generated only from his music and adverts like he says, that won't stop him from securing a brighter future for his little princess. With his strength plus the strength of his stunning actress wife, Fella Makafui, the two has been able to put up a nice building for their princess.

Although, Princess Island Frimpong is just a year old, she could barely walk or talk but she already owns a mansion. A fully furnished house ie. Kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms, guest room ...all fully done with swimming pool, both the exterior and interior of the building will take your away. I think this is her first birthday present from her parents, Island was 1year old two months ago (August 30)

Much respect from me to Mr. And Mrs. Frimpong for showing a clear and perfect example of what parenting is all about.

Many might say they are not the first parents to do this, yes they are not but they have done it in a spectacular way. Here are some photos of the Island Mansion, both exterior and interior.

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